as i start to believe that satisfaction comes not from my career, i start to wonder: what then should my standards be for my career? my thought process has become so much about what i may gain from my career. but perhaps, turning back to my old theories, i should be much more concerned about how i can serve others through my career.

success really drove me into a bad place in my head. i may enjoy a job but i’d more enjoy furthering a cause i believe in. any job has its menial aspects but the thing to balance them out arent the less menial aspects of the job, but the purpose of the work as a whole. at least, that’s what i think.

time to rewrite my theories about satisfaction in life. but really, it seems i’m just coming back to what spurred me to work hard and take the opportunities that somehow distracted me from what gave me the energy to strive in life all along.

i may not have to abandon the search for a job i’ll enjoy but i definitely have to consider another question alongside it: how would i like to serve the world? the latter may be more important to consider.

honestly, how did i forget? i almost feel kinda disgusted that i’ve been seeking to live so selfishly until now.

so… what now? i’ve got some thinking to do. i’m seriously reconsidering game design. i mean, i was crazy enough to adamantly plan to move to LA for a few months. Game design school ain’t too big of a leap compared to that.

man… what do i want? actually, i’ll try asking ‘how do i want to change the world?’ instead. there. that question’s got me way more excited.



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