C/P’ed from Facebook chat. This is me:
– looking through comic con cosplay pics, i wonder if im gonna turn into one of those people who try to live most of their lives in a complete fantasy world
– video games, movies, comics
– i don’t want to be disconnected from reality but i also find fantasy more interesting
– unless i live my life trying to do things with actual consequences
I looked to the bookmarks bar on my browser, looking to share what seems to be the only conflict in my life I’ve found worth sharing for the past 2 months. This was the order in which my bookmarks were… ordered. Facebook, Gmail, Christian Post, WordPress, New Post on WordPress. I guess this might just show what I might be doing wrong.
I might be waiting for something new to come to me instead of creating something new or being proactive in seeking something new. I’m feeling too lost and too loopy in the head to tell myself that I’ve settled on a good answer. I’ll come back to it later


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