i feel like this week will 8e short
[9:22:04 PM] jp: 8ecause i have a reason that i really care a8out
[9:22:23 PM] jp: to work hard and grow to 8e a good person
[9:22:38 PM] jp: ‘course, i was in it for myself
[9:23:09 PM] jp: and i still want to do the things i want to do in order to experience the things i wnt to experience
[9:23:57 PM] jp: 8ut now i realize that having good character and doing what makes me happy will also help me find a good woman who would 8e an amazing mom to my kids
[9:24:18 PM] jp: mother’s day at the church i go to on saturday taught me that
[9:24:31 PM] jp: that it’s my responsi8ility to find a good mom for my kids
[9:25:18 PM] jp: i’ve just 8een given such great reasons to wait for a girl who… really 8lows my expectations out of the water
[9:25:35 PM] jp: to wait for a girl who is really great
[9:25:53 PM] jp: those things aren’t just a 8onus, a side-dish to a pretty face
[9:26:48 PM] jp: they’re what would really make her worth waiting, worth 8uilding a good character and a good life for



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