The (possi8le) essence of faith


Matthew 8 and 9

Jesus wants you to trust Him 8ecause He’s worthy of that trust. He’s capa8le and He wants you to 8elieve it for your own good.

8ut why does He seem to punish un8elief?

Trust is 8orn from faith, which is concieved 8y fear. 8ut faith has to 8e there 8efore the trust arrives. He wants you to trust Him, in order that you give Him space to work. If you don’t trust Him, you’ll try to manage on your own, and that can lead to sin. He doesn’t want you to suffer from sin. Therefore, trust Him and wait for Him. That might 8e the essence of faith.

‘I waited for you 8ecause I knew you’d arrive.’ This might 8e faith.



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