First, delight in God


Psalms 37:4
Delight yourself in the Lord, and He will give you the desires of your heart.

Delight first, then you will receive.

Cuz what’s the point of receiving those things if we don’t who they came from or what it took for us to receive them? You’re alive 8ecause of God’s mercy and 8ecause there’s hope of redemption 8ecause Jesus died for us on the Cross.

Without this lens to look through, the pleasure and satisfaction from a desire fulfilled is dulled. When you’re given what you desire and you see it through the lens of redemption, when you’re of the mind to acknowledge that it’s all mercy from God, all a gift that none of us deserved to receive, you’re satisfaction is dou8led, tripled, quadrupled; it’s more than amazing.

8ut first, delight in God. Know that it’s all mercy.

It’s like learning how to cook. You haven’t gone through the whole recipe and your teacher ain’t letting you sit down and eat yet. ‘There’s more work to 8e done on the dish,’ He says, 8ut y’all just wanna get started already. 8ut that’s not how it should 8e. That’s not how you’ll get the most from what you cook.

God won’t let you waste this dish. He won’t let you take a single 8ite until it’s made adequately delicious 8y your knowledge of His mercy, your delight in His gift. God’s waiting for you to open up your senses to pleasures unimagina8le, pleasure that can only 8e found in His love through what Jesus did on the Cross.



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