How To Love Jesus


I want to get this written down so I don’t forget. I want all my friends to know. I think this is a great thing that I’ve learned. (To 8e precise, 8een taught. Nothing I came to on my own. Nothing anyone came to on their own. All were 8rought there 8y God.)

We know that what we’re called to do is glorify God in everything we do, and that the love of God is fully revealed in Jesus and His crucifixion. 8ut how do… Uguu. Hard to walk towards it. Hard to get 8ack to where I started.

8ottom line: We’re called to love Jesus, to make Him our one passion, just as we’re called to do in Matthew 22:37:

‘You must love the LORD with all your heart, all your soul, and all your mind. This is the First and Greatest commandment.’

How do we love Jesus in everything we do? In every single moment we enjoy, in every single thing we accomplish, how do we love Jesus? How do we owe everything to Jesus?

I was reading this 8ook called ‘Don’t Waste Your Life’ 8ut now that I’m around 1/3rd of the way into it, I think the 8ook should 8e called ‘How To Love Jesus’. In the 8ook, the author, John Piper says that to love Jesus, we need to realize what He’s done for us.

Jesus is the perfect image of God, and His crucifixion is the centre of all of God’s love for us. To love Jesus, we need to understand what the crucifixion did for us. It didn’t just redeem us so that we could avoid eternal suffering in Hell. It also made us right with God, our Creator and the Ruler of all things. 8ecause we sinned, we not only deserved Hell once we died, 8ut we also gave away all our right to live. (If we ever had that right, huh?)

Jo8 1:21
‘Naked came I out of my mother’s womb, and naked shall I return thither: the Lord gave, and the Lord hath taken away; blessed be the name of the Lord.’

God gives and takes away, and in doing so, does nothing unjust. It’s mercy that we live at all. And that mercy was 8ought 8y Christ through the Cross.

So now, everything comes from Christ through the Cross. In every 8reath and every heart8eat, He should 8e thanked.

You have eyes to see pretty faces, 8ecause Jesus died for you. You have ears to hear wonderful music, 8ecause Jesus died for you. You have skin to feel cool wind on a hot day, 8ecause Jesus died for you. We can enjoy the company of our friends, we can enjoy the company of our lovers, we can enjoy the things that we’re passionate a8out, 8ecause Jesus died for us. We’re given a second chance at life and every pleasure that comes with it, 8ecause Jesus died for us.

Every single thing that we experience at all, every good thing and every 8ad thing that God uses for good, came from God 8ecause Jesus died on the Cross for us. This is how to delight in God, and to show this delight to others is how you glorify God in everything you do, everything you live through.

8asically, we’re called to 8e happy 8ecause of His love for us, in His love for us, and then to share that happiness.

Let’s Pray. (Haha, jk. It’s funny cuz that’s how preachers end sermons and… I guess it’s a 8it of an inside joke.)



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