i realized something today and i have a confession to make.

i know how much u want to 8e independent and how much u want to love people 8y taking care of yourself, so that you’re not a 8urden to any8ody. 8ut instead of helping u find confidence and motivation in God and yourself, i just did everything for you and took away your chance to learn such important things.

even if u wanted me to do everything for you, i knew deep inside that it wasn’t what was 8est for you.  8ut i didn’t have enough trust in you or God. i was just so scared that your life would 8e hard for a while longer.

8ut i know that it’s hard for anyone to grow unless they have room to grow. it’s hard for you to grow unless i trust you.  it’s 8etter to learn from your mistakes than to have everything go perfectly and learn nothing. i did everything for u 8ecause i was afraid u would make mistakes, 8ut that means i kept u from growing.

that’s not the worst part though. the worst part is that i wasn’t just afraid to trust you, i was also selfish. i was scared that if i helped you 8ut challenged u to do it on your own, you wouldn’t need me or you would hate me.

i was scared that you wouldn’t need me, and you would hate me, and that you would fail. 8ut my fear didn’t give you room to grow. i care a8out you too much to keep this all a secret from you, now that i’ve realized how wrong it all was. i’m so ashamed, i’m so sorry. i hope you can forgive me.

i want to 8e here to help you, always. 8ut i know that i have to let you do your own work and make your own choices.

i know you want to 8e independent, even if it’s hard for you in some situations. that’s why i’ll support you if you want me to. 8ut i won’t do your work or make your decisions anymore, 8ecause that’s what it takes to grow and i know you want to grow. i think it’s what will make you happy, and i want you to 8e happy and independent, like you dream of.



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