Day 14(?) Pt 1 Something Learned


My 8iggest challenge yet: money, and a lot of time alone. I don’t want to go into the details of what’s 8een going on with me lately. That’s how you know some weird shit has 8een going on. (According to some opinions, though, it’s not weird at all.)

I’ll just say this: Warm hand towel, latex glove, ru88er 8ands, 8ody lotion.

My life has really got to change. Just the way I do everything makes it challenging for me to avoid certain 8ehaviors. Fapping. My life makes it hard to avoid fapping. I sit around all day at home, no one else 8ut me in my lonesomeness. (It’s even got my mind hazy.)

If you love someone, tell them when you think they’re wrong. “Don’t spare the rod,” etc. 8ut perhaps that only applies to children. Once someone has understanding, perhaps, instead of the rod, explain things to them. Why don’t I understand? Do I lack understanding? Or do I just lack 8elief?

I could say that the world’s got so much evidence against fapping 8ut I don’t know if that’s true. “What we have are a lot of stories,” one NoFapper once wrote me, “A lot of stories that seem to point in the same direction.” NoFap seems to 8e so much effort for a faith in something to 8e received in the far future. I’m not sure if I can handle that. (Funny, coming from a Christian, eh? Wrong. Even God shows 8its and pieces of His promise now and then, instead of saving it all for the future.)

Goddammit. I can’t 8lame NoFap for my lack of persistence in NoFapping, resulting in no tangi8le results 8eing shown.

What I mean to say is: Is there no 8i8lical evidence of how adultery makes things go wrong? Personal adultery, even.

Hey. May8e personal adultery is wrong 8ecause, if you can’t handle a8staining from the image of her in your head or on your screen, then you can’t handle a8staining from her when she’s in front of you, offering it to you even though you know it won’t 8e the 8est thing to do for either of you.

Same as murder, nig. If you’re capa8le of 8eing that angry at someone, then if you’re given an opportunity to, what’s to say you won’t take their life?

Not only will a8stinence, even in the mind, make you more attractive, more confident, more energetic, less awkward, keep you under the protection of God 8y staying righteous… It will protect you from making mistakes once you reap the 8enefits of all of those things: a healthy relationship with a 8eautiful, godly woman. Might not 8e the person you’re attracted to right now, 8ut that’s what you’ll get.

A8stinence itself might not 8e the end, at least to you. To a8stain now is an investment in your future. Call it insurance. Not only will it help you gain something great, it will also help you keep it great.

Now stop fapping you dum8 fuck. See how tired you are? You could 8e done your assignments 8y now, on your way 8ack from dropping them off, having a magical grocery shopping journey.

Do I want to fight through this drowsiness…? A quick nap shouldn’t hurt. Famous last words.


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