Day 9 Pt 1


A lil’ M yesterday so the counter is today at 1. Not much to say, no dramatic revelations. Other than this: the selflessness and confidence that I found was good, 8ut the thing that I 8uilt it upon was unsta8le. I’m looking to 8uild it on something more solid this time, namely, God’s promises to me.

8een working out, looking to stick to a diet and not push myself so hard all in one day. I want to 8e a8le to keep it consistent instead of taking a few day’s 8reak after every Saturday, when I go play 8asket8all with the oldies from Church.

No more dirty jokes with her. If you think failure and the resulting awkwardness is 8ad, imagine how I feel now that it went pretty alright. (Her response was “=P”.) Hint: It loosely rhymes with Hemp Nation.

I should work out a 8it, give me a 8oost of self-control for the day (and also a 8oost for my meta8olism. 8ut honestly, I feel that taking care of my 8ody is less important than taking care of my mind and soul right now. May8e I should change that, lol. Give me more motivation to get to a healthy weight. Healthy weight; that’s an interesting word. I think I’ll use it more often.)



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