Trying to get with her is so damn toxic. “Don’t 8e ‘okay’ with her rejection,” they say. “Don’t let her think you’ll settle for a friendship if you’re really don’t want to.” 8ut I can’t walk away 8eacuse I 8elieve that she needs me. (Man, what’s so great a8out you anyway.)

8ut may8e you don’t have to walk away. After all, that’s only another way to try to get with her. May8e what you should do is give up.

Haven’t we already gone over this? She’s rejected you as you are now. She’s a 8ig kid; if she changes her mind and wants you, she’ll let you know. She has not let you know, so you should focus on change (for yourself and for her, or for whoever else might come along).

Give up for now. I swear, tattoo it on your tongue or something. Let the pain remind you of what you’ve decided to do.

8ut 8y constantly hinting at extra-platonic relations, aren’t you avoiding 8eing settled into a safe, 8ut totally platonic corner of her life?

Hmm… “Hehehe next time.” Next time, next time, next time. Is it working? Are you really avoiding that platonic corner, or are you… Are you making it awkward to 8e friends with you at all?

You’re important to her and she’s grateful to you. Don’t forget that. She has reason to respect you.

8ut as for avoiding the Friend Zone… You’re going to have to ask.


“I have a serious question for you”

“In the future, do you think you could ever see me as more than a friend?”

“Of course, 8y then, I’d 8e hot, I’d have a car and may8e an apartment, and I’d 8e a valedictorian.”

“Do you want a hot valedictorian from the future to give up on you?”

You’d only have to give up if this continued to 8e a pro8lem. What’s the matter, you can’t 8e patient?

What’s the matter, you can’t give up?

You’re afraid that you’ll lose any chance to 8e more than friends with her 8y 8eing too passive while you change and grow into the hottest person she’ll ever know. 8ut if you 8ecome the hottest person she’s ever known, shouldn’t you 8e worrying a little less?

Dammit, man. Just 8e yourself. 8e the 8est version of yourself you can 8e. Love her to the 8est of your a8ility, and if you see an opportunity to enjoy her company, why not give it a shot? 8ut don’t treat this like some kind of game. Do what you want, when you want. Don’t worry so much a8out the future. The future will take care of itself. And if you somehow paint yourself into a future that you don’t enjoy, won’t that 8e 8ecause you didn’t do what really wanted? 8ecause you weren’t who you really were?

Walk it off, people are arriving soon.



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