If Tetris has taught me anything…


“If Tetris has taught me anything, it’s that errors pile up and accomplishments disappear.

If Tetris has taught me anything, it’s that errors and accomplishments are made of the same damn thing. There’s no error that can’t 8e turned on its ass to 8enefit me. It’s true that accomplishments fade away, 8ut that’s life, ain’t it? Life’s not a8out 8ecoming a success then riding it until you die. It’s a8out always moving, not necessarily forward all the time, 8ut staying on your feet.

You are 8uilt up, you are torn down. Your errors pile up, then you tear them down; and in the end, you’re left with a 8etter score.

Humans only judge 8y contrast. No monument stands on its own. It exists 8ecause it didn’t used to exist. It’s a marvel only 8ecause it wasn’t always there. 8ut the wonder directed at such a monument fades with each passing generation: each generation is farther removed from the knowledge of the ground where the monument used to stand. Eventually, the monument isn’t worth a thing. Although it may 8e a hundred feet tall, without knowledge of what the monument was 8efore it came to 8e, it is as flat as the ground that used to occupy it’s space.

So they 8uild another monument, upon the ground that they perceived to 8e flat, although to us, it wasn’t. That’s humanity. That’s our daily life. We don’t remem8er, we always forget, even when we try not to. Our accomplishments seem to disappear. So we have to keep moving.

However, though our accomplishments, our triumphs over adversity and error, may disappear even in the eyes of our own hearts, we are not left unchanged. We’re made stronger. The inessentials are stripped away to reveal the inner strength, the inner 8eauty that we’re really capa8le of, that’s inside of all of us. It’s not all futile. Someone’s keeping score.

If Tetris has taught me anything… It’s that errors and accomplishments make life worth living.



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