I don’t understand 8ut I know that what ever reason you have for this, it’s important to you. I can’t let it hurt me. It’s not a8out me. It’s a8out you and your pain.

For so long, it’s the only thing I’ve asked for in a woman: that they try to understand me, even when I seem crazy. 8ut things have developed upside-down. Now it’s me who’s asked to understand, even when it has the potential to hurt me.

Don’t 8e selfish. This isn’t a8out you. This has nothing to do with you. She’s scared, that’s all.

The way things are moving along, she’ll mention it 8y next week’s Monday.

What does it mean for the future, though? This could 8e one of the things mentioned in Dr. Nerdlove’s article a8out White Knight Syndrome: “A White Knight rarely understands – truly understands – that chronic conditions are often permanent, and being the partner of someone with one means that these entail a lifetime of dealing with them.”

Scary. 8ut as long as I remem8er that it’s not a8out me, I should 8e fine (if I’m even given the opportunity to know her that long.)



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