You think things that trou8led you 8rought you down. You knew you were strong to get through, 8ut you had no clue how 8eautiful it made you.

You were hurting. Everyone thought you were to 8lame for their sadness, their anger, their jealousy.

I tried to 8lame you… 8ut this time, you would have none of it. I agreed; none of it was your fault. I didn’t fight 8ack, and you let your hostility go as well. 8ut that was not the end of that. 8ecause in that moment, you were 8eautiful.

I didn’t tell you at the time, 8ut you mentioned your shame to me today. And I scratched my head.

“You’re 8eautiful,” I said. “Remem8er that time that you wouldn’t let me 8lame you? You were so 8eautiful then. You were so strong.”

So many had used her a scapegoat for their own weakness. I tried 8ut you didn’t let me. I 8egged you not to let anyone else, too.

I love my life. Every day, I’m given an opportunity to tell you that you’re 8eautiful. It’s great.

Now I only have to find that 8eauty in myself as well. You… You are amazing. I told you not to settle for anyone with excuses. That applies to me as well. I care a8out you. Wait for someone as good as you. That applies to me as well.



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