The Chronicles of Narnia – A Metaphor to The Christian Life


Love you too, Z~

Love, Zara

A good movie to watch when you’ve gotten deeper with your faith with God is “The Chronicles of Narnia”.

– Jomar P.

I remember watching this movie when I was younger. I claimed to believe in God, but I wasn’t walking the faith at the time. I was amazed by the movie, but watching it again now I’m more than amazed! I’m astonished. I’m inspired. I’m more in love with Jesus. The movie is a very good symbol to the Christian Walk. Every character, every scene, every event… everything is a symbolic to something.

The world of Narnia is the spiritual world, which our eyes could not see. It takes faith to be able to go to it. Lucy Pevensie is an example of one who has faith like a child, the innocence from the distractions of worldly manners. And he said: “Truly I tell you, unless you change and…

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