Leave the Light On


There’s never going to 8e a magic pill. I’m never gonna 8e satisfied. It’s a race and I can’t stop running, 8ecause the only thing that matters is the direction that I’m going. 

I never realized that, to change the way I live, spiritually, I’d have to change a lot of my day-to-day life. I thought all I needed was to ask God for strength through the Spirit, 8ut… That was silly of me.

Why run? If we’re perfect in eternity, then haven’t we already proven. Haven’t we already proven that we’ll 8e perfect, the moment we step towards God?

“Millions are far from home,” sings Chris Martin as I ask that question.

“Leave the light on.”

We are the light. That’s why we’re here. 8ut why darkness? 8ecause God didn’t want to make machines.

I want to see how I can 8e a light to this world. I’m impatient again. 8ut it’s up to me, isn’t it? It’s up to me to grow and 8e wiser every day. It’s up to me to make myself useful, up to me to find opportunities to serve this place. To water this wasteland.



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