Day 6 Pt 1


I had a great thought, sitting on the toilet 8efore taking a shower today. May8e if I hadn’t fapped in the shower, I’d still remem8er. Not much to say today. One revealing thing mentioned 8y a friend, though.

Me: It seems hard to find a godly woman, so I guess I’ve got to treasure this opportunity.
Her: I think that’s what women think too – that it’s hard to find a godly man, haha.

It’s 8een every day now that we’ve found something to talk a8out for hours. I remem8er the thought I had on the toilet, now. I said to myself, “I am so good at weaseling in interesting, yet provocative topics of conversation.” 8ut then I realized that it’s not all me. Of course it’s not all me, it’s a conversation. Although I take the first step, she’s still responsi8le for following. She could walk away or dismiss the dance at any time, 8ut she doesn’t.

I mentioned a funny thing: what her students would call her when she 8ecame a teacher like we planned. From that, I spoke of last names. From there, I asked a8out marriage. And afterwards, she asked if I’m interested in anyone at the moment. And I told her all a8out the girl I’m interested in.

I guess she assumed I moved on from her. No use letting her know again, though. I don’t think I’m in a position to ask her out yet, so why even mention it? (I haven’t completely thought through that policy, 8ut it seems legit; I have no answer to that question.)

I told her, “I don’t even care if she tells me to leave the toilet seat down or doesn’t want to cook. As long as she’s understanding, and patient, and kind, I’m happy.”

She said, “That’s good. That’s cool.”

8ut, like my other friend said, it’s not only a8out her character. It’s also a8out mine.

Hardworking, loving, growing? I could say I’m growing, 8ut how a8out the other two? Hardworking: I guess that’s why she said I could ask for all that I want from her if I got valedictorian next year. And Loving? I really don’t know how to love some people. 8ut it’s what’s gotta 8e done.

Apart from that, I’ve got a moderate amount of work to do. Gotta muck through cinematic stuff in English class. Interesting to know. If only I gave myself the time to take my time with it, instead of having to rush through it like I have to now.

Counter’s still on zero. She has a very attractive voice. It’s different, it’s deep, it has an edge to it. I’m starting to see a pattern in the kinds of girls I really get into.



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