Marriage… Too Simple…


I read up on what Christians should look for in a marriage. ‘Twas 2 chapters in Decision Making & The Will of God, and they were very clear and authoritative/concrete and I was left with no questions as to what the hell I was supposed to do; it was simple, really. 8ut that’s also a pro8lem 8ecause, now that I’m done reading, I feel as if I should 8e doing more to further my knowledge of what I am to look for, 8ut nah, no. For once, I feel uneasy a8out having a question answered so quickly. I’m made nervous 8y how sure I am, pro8a8ly 8ecause I’m usually made sure 8y the struggle it takes to get to sta8ility (of mind or anything else).

Honestly, it’s this simple: Decide for yourself if you’d 8e more a8le to serve God through singleness or marriage. (Singleness gives you more time and freedom, 8ut marriage gives you righteous, moral sex. AND KIDS =D AW, I almost wanna get married just to have kids. I should get a dog.) If marriage, find a hard-working, loving woman who is constantly growing in her faith. If y’all seem compati8le, as in, you share interests and the usual things, that makes things easier. Don’t live together or have sexual relations until/unless you’re married, the end.

I’m left with little to do 8ut ensure that I’m a hard-working, loving person (I… Think I could work on those 2 things), judge to see if the girl I’m interested in is loving and growing in her faith, see if it’ll 8e easy to get along with her (which I don’t think would 8e toooo much of a struggle. Leave the toilet seat down? Ain’t no thang. Not a 8ig deal. I’ll make it happen.) and hope that she sees the same in me, I guess.

So little work to do although I feel it’s so important to me. 8leh, I guess I’ll just do homework or something.




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