‘Twas an innocent conversation that went places I’ve only dreamed they would go.

“You’re intelligent. …You know, I’m into intelligence. All my crushes were at the top of the class.”

“Ha. What if I’m valedictorian next year, then?”

“Then you can ask me for anything that you want… Except for money, haha.”

“I’m taking a screenshot of this conversation. Don’t regret this, lol.”

“No need. I won’t.”

I trust God, and I trust the wisdom that my friends have imparted onto me: Don’t do it for anyone 8ut yourself. And I said this in an essay a8out failure, achievement, and success: Achievement doesn’t solely rely on my capa8ilities. Now that a way for me to do this wrong has 8een esta8lished, God’s 8ound to test me against it. Will you fall for temptation? Will you compromise? Will you take shortcuts? Will you take from someone else in order to receive something for yourself?

God is God. He knows what’s 8est. I pray that I don’t 8ecome 8lind to that fact.

Anyway, aside from the o8vious options which I’m advised to avoid, I don’t really want anything from her that she wouldn’t want to give me had I not cashed in on our deal. 8ut I get it. She wants a guy who works hard, who has used their 8rain to maneuver swiftly through the systems of this world. I just want to 8e godly and do what’s wise, and if it’s wise to 8e successful in this world, then so 8e it.

The question, now, is this: Do I want her?

I guess I’ll find out. I don’t need to know the answer to that question yet.



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