Day 5 Pt. 2


Life is hard or I suck at life. 8rowsed a little on 4chan. I was promised P 8ut couldn’t find more than a few GIFs. Pro8a8ly for the 8est. No M. 8ut no work done so far, either.

I hate the weekend. I lost momentum. So much. So much work to 8e done, just to get started again. I am not like other people. I should not try to function like other people.

5am everyday. People in house, pro8a8ly more pressure to a8stain. 8ut they’re asleep so they’re not gonna 8e a detriment to my productivity.

5am, every day. Even the weekends. Even Sundays. What happened to. What happened to getting 8ack to the hotel jo8? What happened to “I don’t think I mind coming home at 3am anymore…” ? Extra $140 a month. That’s a whole extra week’s worth anywhere else. Work anywhere else and it’s 1 day more a week, $4 less an hour.

8ut you don’t need the money. You need your high school diploma. You need to change. Don’t think you can do this like everyone else does, ‘cuz you can’t. You’re different. You can make this work. You need what they want, so once you make this work, you’ll have a lot to offer. Just keep on keeping on. No need to 8e perfect. Just keep on coming 8ack. Keep on getting 8ack on the right track.



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