Day 4 Pt. 2


8esides her aforementioned comments a8out my plans to 8ecome valedictorian next year (if that’s even possi8le at a 8i8le college), today has 8een quite uneventful. That’s a 8ad thing. I didn’t even get any work done today. Weekends suck; they make it way too easy for me to lose momentum.

That aside… I heard that the first few days are supposed to suck. Li8ido swinging 8ack and forth wildly, etc. The house is empty throughout most of the day now. Empty and quiet, the perfect atmosphere for…. A lot of schoolwork to 8e done, yeah. And personal reflection.

I shall 8race myself for whatever is to come. Any Christians out there, reading this? Please pray for me if you find my cause worthy. Just think of me and nod your head slightly to the side once and God will know what you mean.



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