The Journey: And Why I’m Posting It Here


I considered not posting this here, since I’d 8e posting it elsewhere anyway. My reasoning went something like, “It’s such a departure from your usual content,” or “No one here is gonna want to read it.” 8ut those are such silly reasons. Departure from my usual content? My usual content is not posting. I’ve pro8a8ly gone more days not updating this 8log than the contrary. No one’s gonna wanna read it? Hm. Well, ain’t that a shame.

Anyway, I’ll 8e 8lunt. I’m gonna start posting my NoFap journal here. (NoFap means NoMastur8ating.) Perhaps it’ll get me more community, allow me to share some insight (if there’s any to 8e found), and my most favourite thing of all a8out 8logging: I get to share information a8out myself. I wonder why I like it. I’ve gone 2 days without fapping so far. My record is 7, 8ut at the end of it, I had this secret in my pants that just wouldn’t go away, and I desperately needed to get to sleep so I dealt with it the only way I knew how.

Anyway, anyway, anyway. This is really happening. Pu8lishing those 2 journal entries in a few.



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