Borrowed Beauty Pt. 2

I often look up to enjoy whatever sight is up there to enjoy. The skies really are alive in this part of the continent. [Dem prairies, a blessing I’m only just starting to appreciate.] Even at night, though, there’s a beautiful thing out there that I’ve always looked up at and been familiar with [as a nightowl in recovery].
We are meant to reflect the beauty of God.
I ditched my friends to take a walk, and maybe take a talk as well. I had things to think about and things to plan for, more [subjectively] important things to do than filipino tongue twisters. [Subjectively because there is a time for everything. I just believed that it was time for me to take a stroll instead of enjoy their “fellowship,” which is of course important as well.]
The moon was out, amber and round, having just escaped the clouds. I had to ask, “What do I want from her?” I had that question answered and it lifted a great weight off of me. But more importantly, it put me in the right mindset. The Love of God was on me like fresh coat of paint, and when I found someone who needed hope, all it took was a hug to get her covered in that same Love. [Hahahaha, I’m still working on maintaining a pure mind.] Anyway, she’s hopeful and I’m happy to have been given an opportunity to share my overwhelming, overflowing hope.
My beauty is borrowed, but am I not beautiful just the same? I’ve given my life to the only One who makes the moon reflect the sun. I’m giving my life to the only God who made His children to reflect His greatness. The only God who is sharing His beauty for free. It’s a gift, and it makes me happy.


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