Borrowed Beauty Pt. 1

“from the Painted Sky, to my plank-filled eye”
“to the only One who makes the Moon reflect the Sun”
this is my jam
the moon that reflects the sun
that’s us, yo
we reflect that light into the darkness
omygod i’m crying [I’d heard this song on the radio a long time ago, but I only just recognized this one analogy.]
we gotta shine like heaven, literally
to make sure that everyone’s out when the sun rises
to meet that beautiful daytime, yo
i’ve always admired the moon
it shines in so much darkness
and even though its light is not its own, it’s got that beauty
borrowed beauty, but it’s still beauty, isn’t it?
Note: OH NO. I PUBLISHED PT. 2 BEFORE PT. 1. No one’s gonna notice… Them posts publish in reverse-chronological order, right?


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