Time for another rebrand! ‘Cuz I do feel new. I’m digging these colours though. They’re probably gonna stay. Maybe something to do with the sunrise… Ah! I’ve got the perfect idea. I had a dream once where the sky was a perfect pastel pink and light blue. I’m gonna make it happen. …Aaand it didn’t happen. Gosh darned pallete restrictions.

Play-by-play of the apostrophic catastrophe: Ohgod. How do I change the header colours. The pink is hurting my eyes. Perfect pastel blue… With a pop-y orange title. I’m gonna puke. ;__;

These default palettes are intentionally insufficient, aren’t they? To make us all buy the ability customize colours. Da basterds.

Just kidding. I bet the people who made them were forced to leave them unsatisfying. We’re all under the tyranny of moolah.



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