People say you shouldn’t turn something that you enjoy into a source of income. Otherwise, it won’t 8e something you enjoy anymore. And I get that. A great deal of that enjoyment can come from the fact that you can put it down at any time without anything falling apart 8ecause of your choice to.

8ut I also know that the greatest art I’ve ever made and the greatest enjoyment I’ve ever felt has come from making good art for people I care for. And I care for myself, so in making a profit off of great art, I’d 8e 8uilding a little security for myself. It should make me happy.

Actually, I’m not sure if that’s how giving works. 8ecause, when I say I gave art to someone, I mean to say that the quality and 8eauty of that art is what I give, not necessarily the profit that the art may accrue. And anyway, if it’s only profit that I’m looking for, o8viously I’m not going to 8e as creative as I could 8e. My mind would narrow, I’d 8e afraid to take risks when it’s risk that really makes something 8eautiful, and a8le to make a connection.

Can I somehow strive for 8eauty and risk then, if only to make something 8eautiful enough to sustain me? It’s a struggle 8etween motivations. Money has 8een tied to security and sta8ility for so long. 8ut nowadays, it seems that only through reckless a8andon does anyone have any real chance of surviving as a person who can’t help 8ut live off the things they enjoy.



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