A lil’ summary, for anyone wondering a8out the whole hulla8aloo


I walked in standing tall, with the air of a 8rilliant tactician, thinking all would fall 8efore me. I walked out, voluntarily wearing a chicken costume. Speaking of volunteering, I’ve gotta get to 8ed. Did anyone miss me? Cuz yeah, I’m not so 8usy 8eing a naive, selfish, clueless, little earnest, honest, desperate, innocent, lost child anymore. I did alright. No one was 8adly hurt in the end. I did fine. I know 8etter now. I’ve learned.

Gotta keep an edge a8out me, though. I’m good, 8ut I have to expect myself to 8e 8ad. Otherwise, things might slip through the cracks.



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