Are you scared that I’m obsessed with you? 8ecause I am. Scared. And obsessed,

I want to serve you. I want to take care of you.

You’re exciting, you’re new. You bring meaning to my life.

I want to feel useful. There’s nothing I want for myself. I’m not selfish. The only wrong I’ve done is in rejecting people’s attempts to take care of me, to lead me down the right path, though I don’t concede; I don’t think they understood both sides of each coin they offered me.

There’s something wrong with me. I’m not normal, I’m not attractive, I’m dangerous. No one wants a person who gives all of their all. No one thinks they deserve it. No one thinks I’m stable. I’m not stable. People are scared of being the basket all the eggs are in. And they should be. What happens to me when all the eggs fall on the ground? It’s already happened. I’m already crazy. This makes people very uncomfortable.

I need to get away for a bit. Anywhere is good. I need to sort things out. I need some peace and quiet.



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