“im worried that i’ll get selfish and start a family or something. Instead of sticking to the plan, I’m afraid I’ll give myself something to lose. 8ut I can’t worry a8out that now. Gotta use my 8rain for more urgent things.”

i felt a need to have a conversation with the ladies working the til at the tim’s i used to work at
[10:52:42 PM] Jp: and when they couldn’t 8reak my 50, the guy 8ehind me in line, this old guy with an orange tur8an, said he’d pay for me
[10:52:55 PM] Jp: so i thanked him and told the lady “just the hot choco, then”
[10:53:06 PM] Jp: 8ut she said “the muffin’s free”
[10:53:26 PM] Jp: it’s like it’s impossi8le for me to have a 8ad day nowadays

I asked the owner of a cafe I often meet a certain friend at if I could jo8 shadow him. He asked me when I was free and how much I wanted to 8e paid.

It’s like it’s impossi8le for me to have a 8ad day, nowadays. Tomorrow may 8e 8ad, though. I’m going to tell my 8oss at my volunteering jo8 that I’m going to have to skip a day that I said I’d commit myself to. Actually, I’m not even sure if I’m going to keep any days there. Priorities, yo. They’re hard to manage. I love that kitchen and the people in it, 8ut I also want others to experience that joy. So this jo8 shadowing has to 8e done.

Hopefully, I’ll love this jo8 just as much.



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