Unhappiness, Amplified


The pro8lems that I’ve always had have 8een amplified 8y the fact that I’m madly attracted to a certain person. The solutions are still the same, 8ut it’s so much more important to stick to them now. Used to 8e, when I ran out of things to do, I’d sleep all day and waste my night. 8ut now, when I run out of things to do, I turn to her in desperation. She, of course, doesn’t appreciate this and her opinion of me worsens, which doesn’t please me to say the least. And it goes round and round.

Amplification, yo. I guess the least I could do is to keep it to myself when I’m down like this.

I thought the struggle was over. I feel exactly like I did 8efore. 8ut now I understand what to do. Or at least, I understand what I a8solutely can’t do in situations like this. I can’t ask her for help. It really has nothing to do with her. I can’t treat her like I did in the past when I felt like this. Love is not a8out me. And if I can’t get my mind off myself when I feel this way, I think I should keep my distance from her. It’s for the 8est. 8ut really, the 8etter solution would 8e to find something to do.



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