Learning to FaIl/Fall


Honestly, even trying to get her to understand the story behind my mistake… That’s still me, hoping that she’s the person I imagined her to be. Let ‘er go, man. She’s not the one you’re looking for.

I’m pretty sure I had something else to say but I seem to have forgotten… Ah.

I’m not giving up on hope. I’m not going to stop trying. 8ut unlike before, I’ll keep it in mind that failure is still a possibility, striving to make sure that I don’t get too desperate, that I don’t put all my eggs in one basket, all my hope in one person.

I should’ve known, though, being a Christian and all. God said it Himself: no one else can be your everything, or solve all your problems.

Life’s a learning experience, really. A mistake is what happens when the truth is revealed. I just gotta learn to brace myself when the truth comes at me, like the ground when I’m falling. I’ve gotta learn to stop being so desperate, and to let myself be wrong; to stop clawing at the air above me; to instead turn around, face the truth, and use my hands for something useful. Like keeping the truth from breaking my face.

PS. I just realized that MY SUPER-CLEVER USE OF CAPITALIZATION TO MAKE THE WORD “FAIL” LOOK THE WORD “FALL” WAS FUTILE 8ECAUSE the headings on my blog are all caps anyway. =(



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