Maybe she isn’t the person I need.

So, what, you want someone who’ll find the good in you without you having to make an effort?

Or, y’know, maybe she doesn’t like you because it takes more than a little motivation to get you to be responsible. You inconsiderate prick. You think you’re above the rules of this world just because you don’t understand them, when really, you just don’t care to understand that people care about you.

You don’t think people care about you. You don’t care for yourself. You care for people but you don’t think they care about you, so you don’t care for yourself. If only you knew that people cared about you, maybe you’d take better care of yourself. The state of your person evokes emotion in more people than just you. Stop acting like no one would cry for you if they found you dead in ditch tomorrow morning, or pan-handling for drug money on a curb, 20 years from now.

Every time she rejects me, I learn something new. But there’s one thing I never catch a clue of: whether I really like her or not, or whether she’s the right person for me. But that’s not what I’m worried about at the moment. I’ve got other things on my mind, things like purity, integrity, and being a good person. And being more considerate.

One of those posts where tagging gets in the way. ‘Cuz I’m dizzy.



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