Nothing Important #1: Throwing Some Knives Around


The first 2 conversations I had after a session of knife throwing:

[11:54:05 PM] Jp: so i was throwing some knives around in the basement
[11:54:42 PM] Jp: trying to learn how to throw as hard with my off hand as i do with my dominant hand
[11:54:50 PM] Jp: like, whole body lunge and all
[11:55:08 PM] Jp: and i decided i was done for the day, due to the dizziness and body aching
[11:55:32 PM] Jp: and i was throwing my last set, looking for some fun sticks with my dominant hand
[11:55:42 PM] Jp: i throw 2/3 knives and they both bounce off
[11:55:46 PM] Jp: but the third knife sticks
[11:56:07 PM] Jp: by this time, the cardboard target i made is sliced up like pre-sliced sandwich ham or turkey
[11:56:30 PM] Jp: so when i go to pick up the knives, i realize that the third knife isn’t stuck by its blade
[11:56:43 PM] Jp: it stuck by its handle
[11:56:57 PM] Jp: got stuck in the massacred cardboard
[11:57:05 PM] Jp: in between the slices

– lel
stuck a knife by its handle today
i was trying a new method of throwing
that uses my whole body
and sticks knives really deep
it’s only natural with my right hand, though
so i had to dissect it and teach it to my left hand
fun fun fun
and a good work out


This is what I like to do, this is what’s fun for me. I like solving problems, analyzing situations, trying new things. And working with corporeal things. I mean, I have a passion for the development of people as well, and for creating environments in which they strive and are happy. Culinary seems like a good plate to sample. Culinary and business and psychology.

God, thank you for the knowledge and satisfaction that you’ve given me through these knives.

Just goes to show: if you’re interested in something, try it out. You’ll learn more than you think you will, as long as you’re paying attention.

“Nothing Important” : A series on what I just happen to learn from the things I do for fun. I hope I remember that the title is supposed to be ironic.



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