Make Your Own Motivation


“I never made it as a screenwriter. I tried to do what I loved and I failed. But the important thing is, I’ve found reasons to like every job I’ve done since then. I had a friend who committed suicide recently. He opened up his wrists in a bathtub. You know what he said to me once? He said: ‘I’m jealous of you because you can find a reason to enjoy anything you choose to do.'” ~ Humans of New York @

Thought I’d share this since it’s related to an upcoming project of mine. I guess I shouldn’t spoil things unless I’ve got something done. I’m a little iffy about this, as I usually am. Maybe I should make a pros and cons list to persuade myself into doing this. More likely, though, that I can’t wait until I feel like doing this before I do it. I just have to get in there, find something to enjoy, and find something to write about.



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