The 8rightness of the Sun


I don’t feel like writing when I’m happy. 8ut that doesn’t tell the whole story, does it?

When it’s only me and her, I only think she’s pretty. 8ut when I see her with someone else, she’s pretty and I like her. The duration of my crush depends on the impact of the initial jealousy, which in turn depends on how terri8le my mood is at the moment that I’m set off.

She doesn’t like me in a romantic way, and would not appreciate my romantic advances if I chose to go ahead with them. Whether or not I really like her, I have to respect this and get over her. Luckily, though, I don’t actually like her. She explained her feelings and I explained mine, and now we’re 8ack to where we were last week. (Or are we? I might’ve felt a certain way for her 8y Friday. I wonder what that was a8out.)

Anyway, yeah. 8usiness as usual… Except for one thing. I now know that she’s patient, kind, and understanding, and that I have to 8e very careful with my emotions and my mood. Twinkies, ice cream, and a nap? That was just asking for trou8le.

A lot of people care for me. I’m surrounded 8y 8eautiful people. I can’t waste this, or let it go 8y unnoticed, not knowing that I’m infinitely grateful.



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