The only one


Instead of collaboration, you encourage animosity. Instead of seeking to understand, you seek to put my concerns away so you can stick to your easy, but perhaps farther-from-perfect-than-mine, answers. You don’t give a fuck what I think, and no one can understand me but you. So everyone thinks I’m wrong when you haven’t even let me speak yet. You never actually win, you just keep me from talking. And everyone sees your supremacy and thinks I haven’t thought myself through. You make me look sloppy and unintelligent. And it’s all because you don’t care to try as hard as I do, and that’s all people see. They look at me and think I want to do extra work for extra work’s sake. They’re lazy and you’re lazy, so of course they’re on your side. They don’t understand me and they won’t understand me because you keep stopping me. You expect me to sit around and let you pile shit on me and it’s incredible that you think this way. The damage has already been done. I’m already alone. Because you didn’t give a fuck about me, and you’re the only one that could understand.


One thought on “The only one


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