Tired of Complaining


[5:47:32 AM] Jp: and i understand it now:
[5:47:42 AM] Jp: i just really hate not being known for who i think i am
[5:49:10 AM] Jp: i’d rather not know their opinions than know that they don’t understand me
[5:49:48 AM] saltncheese: then you’re going to live what that hate
[5:49:53 AM] Jp: seems so silly, i bet
[5:49:54 AM] Jp: lol
[5:50:10 AM] Jp: but i was angry about it before i even knew what was going on
[5:51:19 AM] Jp: i hate it when people think they know me when they don’t
[5:51:32 AM] Jp: when they parade around, even saying that they know me better than i know myself
[5:51:43 AM] Jp: but really, who can know me better than i do
[5:51:57 AM] Jp: noone down here
[5:52:19 AM] Jp: it’s such an insult, for people to think that i’m not paying attention to every little thing i do
[5:52:33 AM] Jp: for people to think that i’m an automaton
[5:52:48 AM] Jp: for people to think that i can be poked and prodded into doing
[5:52:52 AM] Jp: certain actions
[5:53:03 AM] Jp: “i know you, i know what you do”
[5:53:32 AM] Jp: [i know the correct input required to produce certain output behavior]
[5:54:05 AM] Jp: these people think i’m lower than them when they need my help, when i want to help them
[5:54:16 AM] Jp: when i’ll help them anyway
[5:54:22 AM] Jp: but they might never learn
[5:54:42 AM] Jp: and everything else seems so worthless when it comes to dealing with these people
[5:54:53 AM] Jp: all my plans to move forward and be effective
[5:55:06 AM] Jp: they go away
[5:55:10 AM] Jp: and all i am is bothered
[5:55:21 AM] Jp: and then i get tired of complaining, tired of everything
[5:55:28 AM] Jp: and i go to sleep



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