The Question: Should I let the fear of boredom drive me?


Boredom is my reason for being. I live to run from boredom. I don’t know if this is wrong. The thing I most fear is boredom. More specifically, what I might fear most is making an effort to entertain myself, only to be struck by boredom anyway. If I at least raised boredom-avoidance to a pseudo-religious level, I might be happy to live this way, for these reasons. But I’ve got doubt. I doubt that all there is to life is to avoid getting bored.

I could run my life on fear. I could watch good TV and good anime, read good books and good manga, go to school, write a few books of my own. But I don’t know if fear is what should drive me. “Anything to get you moving,” I could say. But if I’m a taxi driver, maybe this isn’t the guy I want in the back seat, telling me where to go.

That’s not an accurate analogy, though. I’m the driver but it ain’t a taxi. I’ve got some thinking to do.



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