The Weekend Review #1 – 11/16/13


Reading isn’t making me any sleepier and it’s already 4am so what the heck – I’m just going to internet around for a bit.

I’ve made a few improvements to the way I do things. I now strive to identify problems as they arise, so that I get around to solving them earlier. It might be Parkinson’s Law or something similar that keeps me from building up the resolve I need to do something productive before the week is done. Thus, there’s always a gap between when I formulate solutions and when I actually practice them, because I can’t exactly go to school on the weekend. (School is the priority at the moment, the real struggle.) I’m hoping to become more sensitive to my problems, in the hopes that I can deal with them before they actually become problematic.

Basically, I’m trying to be more aware of myself. It’s odd, though, that I don’t seem to be moving forward even though I claim to solve all of the week’s problems by Friday. Why don’t the solutions carry over to stabilize the next week? Maybe I have too much fun to remember things through the weekend. I should try write things down. So I shall.

This weekend, I’m going to fix my sleep schedule. And next week, I’m going to ask my teachers to help me formulate better, more challenging, more creatively inspiring assignments. If I paid any attention to myself, I’d know that I like projects a lot more than I like assignments. I like being able to “put a part of myself” into my assignments. Projects seem to offer more specific criteria for success than some kinds of worksheets… Or maybe they don’t, and maybe that’s why I like them. They ask open-ended questions and give me the freedom to answer them in my own way.



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