No longer as satisfied with video games anymore…


Lately, I’ve been feeling very unsatisfied. No stalling today, I’m going to get straight to the point.

I want to feel like I’m building the future now. The components of “happiness,” I know can be found in video games. But every day, I find it harder to trick myself into forgetting that video games are a distraction. I’m not saying that I believe they’re worthless or useless. I just feel like I could be doing something more productive. Or maybe I’ve just been playing bad games lately.

Of the three components of “happiness,” (autonomy, mastery, & purpose) it’s most likely purpose that is missing from my experience of playing games these days. It’s not that I can’t get into a game once I’ve started, more like… I get a nagging feeling telling me not to start playing, not to buy more games, etc.

Good management, as I’ve read (7Habits – Stephen Covey), means focusing on maintenance, on building and maintaining stability since stability keeps crises from happening. In my perspective, games are a short-term answer to the problem of my dissatisfaction. I want to build a satisfaction that lasts. But it’s the weekend and the most obvious thing to build would be my education- School, which isn’t open on weekends.

I need a hobby.



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