If my posts weren’t so vague, maybe their titles wouldn’t be either.


The way I see it, there are two ways forward. Either, I tear the system down and attempt to rebuild it from nothing, and with skills equating to almost nothing. Or, I learn to work hard, very hard. I’m not sure if I need to be perfect but I’ll have to work harder than I think I ever have. And after working hard, I’ll go to a place where I need to work even harder than that. And I will have the skills to change the world, and pieces of paper that make people trust me.

The question, then, is: Should it be this hard for everybody?

If I made things easier for the people coming after me, would they not then learn to work as hard as I have? I think the answer might be.. no. Because I don’t really mean that I’d like things to be easier.

I want things to be more rewarding intrinsically, so that the mental and emotional effort required to accomplish what I need to accomplish lessens. So that, if a person were to exert the same amount of effort that I might need to in the coming days, they’d get more done because they’re more effective and more creative.

The question for the moment, then, is: Which solution, if both are equally effective, requires less effort on my part?



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