Daily Blog Post #1


So for my first daily blog post, I’d like to describe my room.

PS. 1277 words. Tomorrow’s assignment is to describe the place in 100 or less. And less. As short a description as possible.

In front of me is a single knitting needle with a brown, 1.5cm x 12cm patch attached. It took me at least and hour to make. I swore I’d subjugate and degrade knitting but it takes… so… long… to make anything. And my arms are sore. Nevertheless, I’ll get it done. Knitting’s only bad when I stop and notice that my arms are sore, or that I haven’t actually accomplished much. Maybe that’s a metaphor for life. It’s only bad if you don’t keep yourself busy. Now that seems horrible.

To my right; I’ve got my phone, with the charger attached but not plugged in; a stick of deodorant that disintegrated on me, that I now have to apply with my hand (I mean seriously, can’t someone attach an early warning system to it? There’s no way to tell because the gel is not see-through;) my glasses; a pair of scissors; my desktop, that I recently bought off Kijiji for $180 but never really use; my computer mouse, which is connected to my desktop; a page ripped out of an Ikea furniture assembly manual, secured to my desk using electrical tape; an empty bottle of Spirit of Koiwai coffee milk; a roll of electrical tape; my driver’s (learner’s) license; and a few receipts from the bank. Oh, and a reward card for the local ice cream shop under my driver’s license that I must’ve pushed over on my way to throw those receipts into the trash bin.

The trash bin has not been emptied in a while. Today is garbage day, I should go empty it. No, today *was* garbage day, I’ll have to wait a week to empty it. No matter.

On my left is a pile of library books, 10 high. There are scraps of paper, receipts, and toilet paper stuck about 1/8th of the way through half of them. There’s a roll of toilet paper. There’s an empty(?) tub of strawberry flavoured wafer sticks. Nevermind, it’s not empty. There’s loose change, pay stubs, more receipts, rubber bands, 20 and 10 sided dice, and safety pins underneath everything. There’s a belt that came with a pair of shorts I recently bought. There’s a bag of M&Ms bought from the Bulk Barn. Underneath it is a manual for a bass guitar multi-effects kit that I haven’t used since the day my dad bought it for me.

There are 2 pairs of headphones, one wired, one not. The wireless one buzzes, so I use the wired one for tv shows or going out. The wireless one looks silly, it has a lot of buttons and an adjustable microphone. The wired one also looks silly, because it’s Adventure Time themed.

South of the headphones, if the way I’m faced is north, are a pile of 3DS games on top of 2 books on the topic of what motivates us and how we could change our workplaces to be more satisfying. On top of the games is my 3DS. One of the books isn’t mine. Under the headphones are the remote control for a tiny RC helicopter, and a jumble of wires dedicated to the wireless pair of headphones on top of them. There’s a roll of bandage underneath the headphones, too. And a pen that I wrapped a thin nylon rope around in such a way that it’s probably impossible for me to unwrap it without cutting the rope. I remember setting the ends on fire since they were too frayed too work with at the time.

Past that, still going left, is more of the same, apart from the big ball of yarn on top. There’s a songbook for Jesus Christ Superstar that I was supposed to play trombone for last school year. My music teacher always loved me. Called me talented. But I haven’t amounted to much, so I don’t understand her. There’s also a clamp-lamp from Ikea that stopped working a few days ago.

The other half of the room, still on my left, is covered by mattress. a lot of friends slept over for Halloween and I’ve always dreamed of having my whole floor covered by mattress so I haven’t cleaned up yet. Another reason might be that it feel very clean. There’s no space to put the second mattress in the basement so it will otherwise be rested on my wall, which looks like crap, to be honest. Makes the room seem very cramped. Particularly because the next two big items I’ll mention were in between the wall-leaned mattress and the one I slept on, thought not currently.

Beside me is a pair of old desktops that noone’s used in years. And behind me is a tiny, oldschool, RCA-only tv. I don’t use that either. On top of the desktops is an alarm clock that I don’t use, some work modules from school, a Che Guevara, him stylized as the Colonel  and subtitled “CheFC”, and a bike seat. My bag is rested on them, on the floor.

Which reminds me, under my desk is the first piece of furniture I could call my own: a giant soccerball styled chair-type thing from Ikea. And some wired. And a mail package. And a bag of school supplies. And a roll of medical tape.

Next to that old TV, I forgot to mention, is an old electric fan. I used to sleep at night with it on, even in the winter. Maybe I got used to the sound during the summer and could no longer sleep without it on. Certainly felt that way. But that was years ago.

I have a wall shelf on the back-left corner of my room, still, forward is where I’m facing. It’s got some books and some stuffed toys, my old school binder from last year. The books: some fiction, some theology, some psychology, some travel, and a book on dinosaurs from when I first arrived in Canada. That was 12 years ago. There’s an envelope under some of those books. It looks very ominous.

And it’s not. Inside is a copy of the results of some psycho-developmental testing I had done last school year. What an interesting time in life.

Behind me is my closet. If it’s on the floor and crumpled, it’s been worn. But that doesn’t mean I’m not going to wear it again. For example, there’s this one pair of pants that I’ve only washed maybe 4 times since I bought them. And I’m almost out of things to talk about.

I can’t open the closet right now, since the unused TV is in the way of one of the doors, but I’ll write by memory. There are clothes where clothes should be. The shelving is some kind of cheap, industrial-type, wireframe, covered in white paint. I think I used to keep a guitar in there. On the shelf up above the clothes are a pack of BB pellets, some old books, a piece of luggage, and, I assumed, my Lego set. But as I went to look behind the closed door, I found that most of the Lego set is actually behind the TV.

Next to the closet, on the perpendicular wall, which is on my right, behind me, is the door. Move a little bit counterclockwise and there are a pair of Converses that I attempted to unsole, and a wireless phone that I refuse to use. And, there seems to be book under the shoes, a travel book on San Francisco.

There are pieces of paper taped to the wall. There’s a whole pad of paper that I attached to the wall using adhesive squares. It’s supposed to be my daily routine to write a to-do list, but I haven’t been. Maybe I should start again.

And then there’s my trash bin. Receipts, ear-cleaning thingies, pieces of frayed yarn, a shopping bag, and used tissues. Ah, and an empty bottle of Pocari Sweat.

And as I’m writing up some tags, I reach for something I forgot to mention. Isn’t it poetic? A pair of glasses on a Bible. On top of a desktop that I think I wasted my money on.



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