The Change I Want to Make, #1


I asked my friend for advice regarding what my priorities should be when choosing a game design school. She told me not to go to school for game design. A little googling and I believed her. “Game design is too specialized,” as in, if it falls through, there’s nowhere else for me to put my education to use. I’ll starve.

Here’s an article:

Basically, it says that working in the industry sucks and most people leave after 3 years.

Now, one could criticize me for being weak-minded or being afraid to take a risk (and I’m most certainly the latter). But here’s how I see it: there is a problem and I’d like to fix it. I’m bothered by the fact that I am at all afraid to do something that interests me so much. Others have said it too: the state of the industry is scaring people away.

I want to help shape the industry in such a way that I don’t need to be afraid anymore. Or anyone.

Maybe I’ll take a job as manager or producer. The things I’d like to do, specifically, are to implement ethical work practices and wages (if those aren’t already in place), and to motivate a team to do their best, most creative work. I don’t know who’s in charge of those things, does anyone?

[I’m looking to take economics and psychology in a university somewhere. I get tired easily, but having no problems makes me sad. So I figure the trick is to solve problems that energize me to deal with. So, working in the games industry, that’s where I think I’ll really be happy.]


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