For some reason, I never feel like writing things down anymore. Maybe it comes from a lack of confidence; maybe I don’t see my life as so revelatory anymore. If it were true, it might not be a negative thing. Maybe this is the truth: that my life isn’t something worth sharing. In a broad sense, this might be untrue. But yeah, perhaps it’s not worth sharing for the reasons I formerly believed.

This makes a lot of sense. At least *I* don’t find it worth sharing anymore, for those reasons I used to believe.

But, like my psychologist said so long ago, it’s probably better for me if I write more things down. I wonder what I could write about, though.

I like money and I want furniture and video games but I don’t like work. The job I have now has me coming in at odd hours of the day, doing menial work. I would prefer a job that actually teaches me something, something that gives me more than money. I want to be paid to do something I like or can learn from. But it’s not a terrible job. High pay, short hours, easy work. Maybe I just complain too much. It’s probably bad for me.

I’m trying something new: I start with the negative and end with the positive so that I finish a paragraph with good things on my mind. It might be working. Note: It might be a while before these posts become coherent. Note to self: Gotta find some synonyms of “coherent”.

I think I’m done for tonight.



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