Trying things


So like, I’ve not been feelin’ it lately.

I’ve got a problem with caring about what people think about me. I thought that I could remedy it by showing less of myself, not so that there’s less to criticize but because I see it as seeking approval. I put myself out there because I find myself interesting. And, thus, I expect people to find me interesting as well. But it’s not always like that. So I’m working on becoming more… Objectively Interesting, which is probably not a thing at all.

Anywho, I don’t know if it’s working. Not sure if that’s what’s been keeping me from the ol’ blog here.

If anything, this whole thing’s got me a little less interested in myself. It’s probably keeping me from being interesting to the kinds of people I’d attract if I just didn’t give a shit what anybody though. But I do, so I can’t. Which means I’ve gotta try something new.

One problem goes away and a different one comes up, net effect = zero. Which means I’ve got to try something new.



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