Fire Emblem: Awakening, Note One


A guy on my team died from a 1% crit chance. I don’t know if I’m allowed to restart. I can’t decide what to do.

Back in the day, before the “Shit, did I just delete my main save file?” incident, which had me delete 12 hours of game time, I automatically rebooted the game every time someone died. It was too much to bear, I didn’t want anybody dead.

But now, it’s not so… damning. I’ve already gotten to know most of these kids, the ones that die are usually the ones that don’t end up being too useful later on. But, now that I’m playing in hard mode, I’m starting to see that everyone’s useful in some way or another.

A little late though, because one of those newly-found-useful characters just died. It wasn’t even a mistake I should’ve taken into consideration. Maybe I did take a dumb chance. I could’ve moved on instead of fishing for some more EXP. Like the critical hit that killed Mr. Axe-Tank, there seemed to me a small chance of failure. And I could continue the battle, and get it done right. But someone is dead.

(Now that I think of it: A lot of why I don’t care much anymore about characters dying is probably that I’ve been numbed by the experience of losing that 12 hours. It was a good 12 hours, full of fun and learning and stuff like that. Everything was new to me, everyone was new to me. It probably ruined the game for me, that I deleted those first 12 hours.)

And with (that) realization, I’ve stumbled onto a whole new nest of questions. Should I start caring (about these characters) again? Am I taking away from this experience by ignoring how I probably regret having deleted those first 12 hours?



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