What happens on some nights


Sometimes, before I wake up, right when I’m between dreaming and reality, I feel like gravity gets turned up. I now think it’s biological; the first time it happened to me, I thought I was being attacked by spirits or something. Lol. More on that later.

A few times, it came in two waves, where the second felt like super extra gravity. Kind of hard to explain, feels like the air above me presses down. I feel like I’m getting pulled though my bed. On these occasions, I also hear ringing in my ears. And when the ringing stops, it’s replaced by what sounds like a dry wind.

On two occasions, I remembering hearing laughter.

I’ve tried to open my eyes a few times, to try to stop the feeling. I’m kinda used to it and I don’t panic like I used to but it’s still unpleasant and I’d rather be awake. My efforts usually fail but one time, I think I managed to open my eyes a crack. My room was pitch-black except for what looked like little spotlights moving around my room, like fluorescent flashlights waving about above my head. When I woke up, though, it was late afternoon and the sunset was still lighting up my room. Wasn’t pitch-black like I thought I saw.

I think it’s something to do with restricted airflow. My family says I snore so it seems like a good explanation. I’ve been able to induce it (at least, I believe I have) a few times. It requires me to be exhausted enough to close my eyes and go straight to sleep. All I do is have my head rest on the headboard of my bed (or the wall behind my mattress) so that I’m naturally looking down and my neck is bent in such a way that my unconscious body has a hard time breathing. Then, since I’m exhausted, I go right to sleep and start feeling that gravity. I wake up, as I always do after the gravity, then sleep in a better position.

All good. I’ve got an explanation that accounts for things and I’ve even tested my hypothesis.

The first time it happened was at a resort in the Philippines. I mentioned the resort once in one of my random updates. I slept on a mattress on the floor of the room since there was no more room on the bed. I woke up at about 3AM; I checked the digital clock on the bedside table above my head, to the right. Then I rolled back onto my side to go back to sleep. This was one of the times I heard laughter. It was before I fell asleep. It didn’t feel like I went to sleep. It was children’s laughter and my first thought was, “Why are there children running around at 3AM?”

And then I felt it. It was like, the realization embraced me. Or I realized because of the sensation of that embrace. I knew something was going to happen, and then it happened. It felt like a while before it ended. I waited until the sun started rising to go back to sleep.

It was an off day, just a day to relax at the beach, no sights to see. Every night afterwards, I woke up at the same time in the morning. And it was damn hard to go back to sleep. It pissed me off. I was so angry that on the last night there, I decided that if I were to wake up again, I’d take my laptop and Skype my friends from the gift shop WiFi to pass the time until the sun was up. Slept through that night, didn’t wake up.

Spoke to my mom about it. She’s not the superstitious type, but due to circumstances regarding her nights there, it seemed she agreed with me. Agreed with what? That something happened to me. It was more than belief, it’s like she knew, I guess. It’s hard to explain.

Apparently, there’s a lot of evil down there. There’s a lot of corruption in the government, perhaps in the religion and the hearts of the people as well. Who knows. It may be that I carried a remnant the place with me. But I rarely get the feeling. That feeling that I had in that room. Having it behind me, just knowing. Now a days, I believe it’s purely biological.

I didn’t believe my dad at the time, but I think he’s right. I’m just getting fat. Things are so much less expensive there, which means food as well. Good food. And it’s not like I’ve been losing any weight either.

I’ve got an explanation to it all, I’ve even tested my hypothesis. And no, I’m not being ironic, brushing it off without really believing it. Surprisingly, after all this thinking about it, it makes a lot more sense to see it in a… less spiritual point of view. It’s damn uninteresting though.

But still. I don’t think that feeling was wrong, or, wrong. I don’t think that feeling was untrue. Children don’t walk around resorts at 3AM, do they?



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