Random 16-05-13


Organization and momentum seem to be the challenges I’m fated to face. So by the time I’m through this gauntlet, I’m going to be experts at them. But for now, I start at the bottom.

By organization, I mean a sense of what I should do next and the power to remember it. And by momentum, I mean the power to keep doing the things I’ve decided to do.

I’m starting to flesh out a system that allows me to remember the things I tell myself to do, and currently, I’m figuring out what to do next. For the momentum side of things, I’ve read that it’s not good to go all out at the beginning of things. It pays to set an even pace, it seems, even when you feel like you’re all ready to go.

The last few posts on here have been really boring, huh? Well, be patient, I heard it’s better if I take it slow. Now… What should I do next?



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