Indecision, Inaction


I say so many things, promise so many things, and plan so many things. But nothing ever really gets done.

It may be a mixture of Magic Pill Syndrome and extreme forgetfulness/incompetence to follow through.

If I don’t forget, then I find reasons not to go or do what I thought I’d like to do or go to.

And I think a major part of it is that I don’t exactly know what’s wrong. Coherence is overrated. I’m not in the mood to ramble right now.

Maybe I’ve put myself in a situation where I can’t react to the world.

Whatever the case, I’d like it to be my fault. ‘Cuz if I can get myself into this situation, then I should be able to get myself out. But if it’s really not my fault, I’ve got to wait. Waiting is no fun.



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