Plans for the immediate future 5-10-13


What is your vision for the future?
Economic freedom to travel and pursuit of artistic endeavors, which won’t primarily be for money but may evolve into a source of income, whenever I get good enough.

How do you plan to make that income?
I plan to write books, either fiction or creative non-fiction based on adventures I’d like to take. Or I could go back to school and become a therapist.

Sometimes I want to open a cafe with a psych clinic on the second floor. And sometimes I want to walk across Japan.

If I open that cafe now, with the psych clinic on the second floor, I’ll have to commit to it. If I go an adventure and find it’s not as exciting as I thought it would be, I could quit halfway and go home. So it makes sense for me to do stupid, seemingly useless things now, then settle down when I’ve had my fun.

Both things seem fun, but one of them requires more of a commitment. Funny thing though: the thing that requires demands less of a commitment likely has an expiry date as well. I can only enjoy myself until my money runs out. Unless I’m interesting enough for the world to want me to share my experience.

I don’t think that a virtual community will be enough for me, though. I think I value physical relationships more.

There are more questions than answers right now, but I can start working on what I do know.

So…. Planning time. But first, lunch.



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