Thoughts on colour, judgement, and perspective


I’d like for people to tell me exactly what I should do next, or not to judge me so harshly. I don’t think that people should condemn people whose problems they can’t solve themselves.

Alas, some people don’t give a fuck. But it’s necessary for some people to be unreasonable. Without blind justice, even unreasonable blindness, it’s hard to find a frame of reference to judge things by. So I guess I shouldn’t be so angry at people that don’t acknowledge the whole picture.

The big picture is made of smaller ones. People only see bits and pieces. I’m probably not looking at the whole thing either. When I say someone understands me, what I probably really mean to say is that we share a similar perspective. We’re both looking at the same corner of the picture. What’s important to look for, when hoping to find someone who really understands the big picture, is someone who brings up information that you haven’t noticed before but corresponds to the rest of what you know. And it’s not wrong to be a little uneasy about it.

Anywho, back on topic. Greys are a mixture of black and white. We need a certain kind of respect for the keepers of the blacks and whites. While they may not be completely right, well, neither are we. For us to know the middle, we need to know either end.

In other news, I think I’m getting pretty comfortable with being wrong.



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